About Us


  • TH Entertainment has hosted and DJ'd over 400 events and has performed in numerous venues across Colorado.
  • We have developed the unique ability to read the crowd and adjust the music format to appeal to you and your guests.
  • We collaborate with you and your music selections and styles to create the perfect dance floor.

Personal Approach

  • We love creating relationships with everyone we work with and truly getting to understand their vision for any event.
  • The DJ you meet with will be your DJ throughout the entire process to ensure consistency and reliability.
  • You can meet with your DJ multiple times to ask any questions or to inform them of any changes.


  • We help facilitate and announce all the events of the night.
  • We take the time to familiarize ourselves with the timeline that we will create together.
  • We connect with all the vendors of the night and coordinate with them to create a seamless workflow.
"Working with Tasos was one of the best experiences we had while planning our wedding. After our first meeting it felt like our entire wedding was planned. Not only was he professional, he was an exceptional Dj describing exactly how he works a crowd. I can honestly say our day would not have been the same with his expertise. We received exactly what we wanted and more as our wedding was flawlessly executed."


"Jason Potter from TH Entertainment absolutely killed it at our wedding. He’s the type of person that you want at your wedding/event/whatever else, DJ or not! My thoughts as they come to me: -Professionalism and attention to detail. Jason kept in touch perfectly after our first meeting. He makes sure he understands what YOU want for your wedding and makes it happen. Every part of the day, from music to instruments to speeches and so on, was executed flawlessly. -Creative control and variety. We had a wide selection of music throughout the afternoon/evening. We gave him some examples (including the DO/DO NOT PLAY list) and he filled in the blanks perfectly! -Above and beyond. We requested a custom mix of an acoustic/original version of a well-known pop song. We used his mix for our first dance and the result was flawless! -Accommodation. My wife’s sister wrote a song for us. She had a guitar and a pickup, and Jason was able to supply everything else (sound check included!) -I don’t get tired. Refer to the first two bullet points. Adults are usually boring and would sooner just look at a dance floor than get on it. Well, our dance floor was packed. All. Night. Long. Adults, kids, grandparents, didn’t matter. There was something for everyone. We kept getting compliments for the playlists, but we told them it was all Jason all day! If you’re reading this, grab your partner and ask them, “[lover], can Jason Potter be our DJ? Cool, also will you marry me?” in that order. You won’t be disappointed, I promise."